More emergency information

Additional information regarding the following:

  • Area/Location of pickup
  • Type of emergency and other relevant information would be requested from client.
  • Is the patient able to travel on a commercial airline? There may be no pressing medical need, but the patient simply may not be physically up to the rigors of commercial airline travel.
  • In-flight services that provide medical requirements during transport; will the patient need specific attention such as IV fluids, oxygen or any specialty monitoring?
  • Repatriation services. This is a service that connects patients with their families in the patient’s home country while providing medical monitoring during the entire trip.

Road Evacuation & Trip Monitor

In the event of longer road trip, a Trip Monitor System is invoked.  The trip monitor service involves a phone call from a 3M&C Case Manager at regular intervals to ensure that the patient is still travelling well and if not, to alert the emergency services and the appropriate travel contact person as to the patient’s condition.  To request trip monitoring, the client needs to call the emergency number just before the trip starts to invoke the Trip Monitor System.

Information Required

  • Name of the patient and any escort
  • ID or Passport information if available
  • Medical history of patient
  • If traveling by car, the vehicle make, registration number and color
  • Planned route for trip and estimated time of arrival
  • Names and contact numbers of passengers in the vehicle,
  • Contact persons and numbers in case of an emergency is also captured.
  • Additional information patient may make available to the case manager

Travelling persons are advised to keep their cell phones readily accessible and ensure the phone is fully charged. Our ambulance drivers use hands-free kit or Bluetooth devices for answering purposes. In cases where cell phone reception is bad, the case manager will send an SMS messages to request a return call from the person monitored. We have made provision for broadband internet access which makes available several more options for communicating between the ambulance and the case managers.

Emergency Medical Reaction Services (EMS) (By Road or Air)

This service is provided for any life threatening emergency irrespective of whether it is at home or at work or on the road.  It requires arrangement for emergency medical reaction in life threatening medical emergencies that require assistance by paramedics and ambulances. Registered, trained and experienced emergency staff and ambulance services are used to stabilize the patient before transporting.  In all cases, the nearest most appropriate and available service providers are selected to ensure optimal service delivery that meets the nature of the emergency.

Emergency Medical Response to a Scene of A Medical Emergency By Road Or Air

Immediate response is undertaken to the scene of a medical emergency and where appropriate, advanced lifesaving resuscitation will be provided to a client. Where necessary, the Client will be stabilized before transportation is provided to the closest appropriate medical facility.

Transfer of the Client to the Most Appropriate Medical Facility

In all life threatening medical emergencies, a Client will be transported by road or air to the most appropriate and closest hospital that can effectively manage that particular condition.  If the condition is not life threatening, but necessitates the use of an ambulance, the Client will be taken to the closest most appropriate facility if medically and financially justifiable.

Transfer of a Client to A Specialist Diagnostic and Therapeutic Medical Care Centre

Any Client who requires specialist diagnostic or therapeutic procedures, which cannot be performed by the admitted hospital, will be transferred by road or air to the receiving facility where such procedures or specialist care can be performed.

Transfer of Life Saving Medications and Emergency Blood If Required

If lifesaving emergency medications or emergency blood products (excluding standard routine delivery and/or charges for blood) are required which cannot be obtained at the medical facility responsible for the Client’s treatment, then the emergency medication will be transported to the Client.

In addition to emergency transportation, the Crisis Response Center also offers:

  • Emergency telephonic medical advice
  • Arrangements for compassionate visit by a family member
  • Arrangements for the escorted return of minors after an accident
  • Referrals to doctors and other medical facilities
  • The relaying of information to a family Member/acquaintance

Comprehensive Pre-Hospital Services (Non-Emergency Medical Consultation and Advice:

  • The CRS center sub-contracts to medical and nursing practitioners who are trained to provide Clients with advice and information regarding medical conditions by telephone or through the internet.  The advice and information given ought not to be regarded as definitive and accurate diagnosis of any condition any person might suffer, but rather as an intermediate information to help minimize a medical situation from getting worse.

These will include the following:

  • General Medical Advice
  • Chemical Substance Misuse And Abuse
  • Data Concerning Referrals To Hospitals, Doctors, Dentists And Pharmacies
  • Medical Travel Information And Advice
  • General Medical Advice
  • Preferred Provider Advice and/or Referral Where Applicable

Effective & Secured Identification

Personal information about Clients are kept and made available to emergency staff only during crisis situations. Only applicable information relative to the situation or crisis will be provided.  Clients must declare that information may be provided to emergency staff to aid crisis support only. Clients must provide the information they want to be available to the emergency staff.

Dedicated Crisis Telephone Line and Internet Access

In addition to the dedicated crisis telephone line service, 3M&C has several other internet and electronic means to provide access to various entities needed in the situation through the Crisis Response Center.

Routine Medically Justifiable Ambulance Transfers

Whenever non-emergency medically justifiable ambulance transport is required to transfer a Client either from home to hospital or from hospital to hospital, arrangements if made by the CRS Center, will entail that such transport is undertaken whenever required by road.

Emergency outside Borders of Ghana

Travel outside the borders of Ghana is covered by additional medical insurance or certain medical aid funds.

Provision of Information

Information about an emergency transfer situation will be provided to the next of kin on file. The case manager will handle the sharing of information with next of kin with due care.

Telephonic Medical Advice

Staff at the CRS Centre will provide medical advice by telephone, the internet, or any of the new secured information sharing media to Clients.

Personal Health Advisor

3M&C has a portal on its website for electronic advisory services by qualified staff at the Crisis Response Centre.

Health Counselling

Clients have access to a health desk where a clinical evaluation of conditions reported by telephone or on the internet by Clients is provided.  The CRS Center staff will use internet or telephonic systems to assist and advice Clients.

Medical staff can assist with:

  • General medical advice
  • Use and abuse of medication and chemical products
  • General information about doctors, pharmacies, hospitals and dentists
  • Medical counsel and advice for travelers
  • General advice regarding medication,
  • Information and advice about preferred service providers and/or referrals where applicable.

Any information and advice provided through this service is only that, it is not a medical diagnosis. Accurate medical diagnosis can only be rendered on a person to person base by a registered medical doctor or practitioner.

Web-Based Health Library

The Audio Health Library is a 24-hour web-based library containing information on over 500 medically related topics.  This method offers Client anonymity especially on subjects that are difficult or embarrassing to discuss.

Medical and Security Information (Pandemic Information)

3M&C with our years of experience in our medical and security information, analysis and recommendations have helped organizations make the right choices to protect their staff and assets.

Our doctors working on the ground have a true perspective on developing situations to help you make the right decisions to keep your workforce safe and healthy. 3M&C with our strategic partners, have a wide variety of online tools that integrate with our information to manage risk to travelers. Furthermore, our pandemic information services are unrivaled to help organizations in their preparedness efforts.

When your best option for moving a patient is in a fully medically-equipped and staffed aircraft, look to 3M&C Critical Response Center Air Ambulance Service for exemplary quality, safety, great customer service and value.

If you have any questions about the types of medical transport aircraft available, the credentials of our pilots, departure and arrival destinations or any aspect of transporting your loved one by air. Our Patient Transport Specialists are available to help you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and 52 weeks a year.

Helping File Patient’s Insurance Paperwork

3M&C goes well beyond "just helping file your insurance paperwork". While most air medical transportation providers will tell you "we help file your insurance paperwork", 3M&Cealizes that this can be just the beginning to what is a long and daunting journey with your insurance company.

3M&C will work with you from the beginning all the way through the end in order to assist you with obtaining the benefits you may have within your insurance plan. When you first call 3M&C, you will speak with a Flight Coordinator with expertise in making the arrangements for your air or ground medical transportation. As you begin to work with one of these Flight Coordinators they will obtain all the necessary files that are required to expedite the claims process. These files are absolutely necessary in order to put forth the absolute best possible case with your insurance company.

3M&C has an "in-house" team that specializes in insurance law so that you can get the insurance benefits under your plan. This team of legal professionals do not stop if your insurance company has denied the air or ground medical transportation claim. For you, your family, your friend, or your patient, this team will fight to obtain the coverage due to you if insured.

Payment Methods

At 3M&C, we try to make it as convenient as possible to pay for the cost of your transport. When we send you our agreement for your air ambulance or medical escort transfer, you just fill out the option that suits your unique situation. That can be any combination of Credit Card(s), Bank Wire, Certified Check, or Personal Check backed up with a credit while the check clears the bank. If your transfer is covered by insurance we obtain a retainer from the responsible party which is refunded after the insurance pays in full, minus any co-pays and deductibles. We accept all major foreign insurance.  You already have enough stress with the care of your family member or patient, so we strive to make the paperwork as simple as possible.

For patients who need these services, 3M&C accepts payment for Air Ambulance, Medical Escorts, and International Commercial Stretchers through the following:

  • Visa, MasterCard, or American Express
  • Bank Wire Transfer
  • Certified Checks and Money Orders
  • Local Health Insurances
  • Foreign Health Insurances

Please call now to speak with one of our skilled Coordinators to discuss which option is best for you.