Medical Aircraft Options

In many instances, patients can be transported from one facility to another by ground ambulance, or on commercial airlines with a medical escort. However, on many occasions, circumstances require the use of a fully-equipped air ambulance. In those cases, the Patient Transport Specialists at 3M&C Critical Response Service Center will work with you to determine the most appropriate aircraft for the transport, at the most reasonable cost. 

  • Fixed-Wing Aircraft -
    Jetstream Super 31: A flight range of 1,260 at a maximum cruise speed of over 500 miles per hour.  Our aircrafts are large and can carry up to 15 passengers, or two stretchers with five passengers.
  • Helicopter
    Two Bell 222 UT, One Euro Copter AS 350 BA and in the process of acquiring two more Bell 412 Helicopters.  These helicopters have flight ranges between 500 miles and 1000 miles at maximum cruise speeds of 300 miles per hour. These helicopters meet the FAA/EASA certification standards for day and night operations and are also fitted with emergency floatation gear. We have pre-positioned fuel at vantage points around the country to facilitate access to all parts of the country and within the immediate countries around Ghana.