3M&C DENTAL CLINICS Sansiro Complex (Lizzie Sports Complex), East Legon, Accra

At any 3M&C Dental Clinics everything we do is intended to accomplish one thing: improve your dental experience.  Our core values are our guiding light in this effort.

1. Exceptional Quality - Our dentists make the difference. Not every doctor can be part of 3M&C. To ensure a consistently high level of excellence, our dentists are carefully selected based on superior skills and customer service. Each dentist takes pride in their practice, which translates into delivering quality service.  Additionally, we ensure that each dental office use the latest in advanced technology. This means that you receive a more accurate diagnosis, more gentle treatments and a faster recovery period.

2. Meaningful Relationships - We believe that genuine relationships are based on a high level of mutual understanding and trust. Our dentists care about the quality of the relationships they build. We look to anticipate your needs before they are expressed. We also understand that every point of contact is an opportunity to delight you and exceed your expectations. You will always know you're getting a 3M&C treatment, because you'll leave smiling.

3. Confidence through understanding - Our patient education process is designed to first help us understand you, your needs, goals and fears. We take time to educate our patients in a manner that empowers them to make confident decisions regarding their oral health.  It's amazing how relaxed you can feel at the dentist's office when you are confident that everything 3M&C dentists do is truly in your best interests.

4. Community - We know that convenient access to a trusted dental office can make all the difference in your busy life. This is why we offer a broad range of services to meet your needs. Our locations in East Lego and Tema all carry the same high standards guided by 3M&C core values. This means that no matter which of our dental offices you visit, we are ready to improve your dental experience.

5. Service - Exceptional service is a result of consistently delivering a standard of care that preserves and enhances your overall oral health. We accept most insurance plans and offer payment arrangements as well. Our finance experts will file your insurance claims for you. For those without dental insurance, we also offer a Smile Saver Program that provides discounted rates and other savings advantages. This means you and your family can afford to maintain optimum oral health. We understand that you have many choices in dental care. If these core values are the things that are most important to you in a dental relationship, give us a call. You will be glad you did.