3M&C CRISIS RESPONSE SERVICE (CRS) Ground Ambulance Service & Medical Air Evacuation (MEDEVAC)

The 3M&C Crisis Response Service (CRS), a subsidiary of 3M&C Health Systems providing emergency medical response service by air or road.  Its core mandate is to provide out-of-hospital medical care, transport to definitive care, and support patients with illnesses and injuries which prevents them from transporting themselves.

  • 24/7/365 On-Call Emergency Medical Response Service, With A Call Center And Dedicated Telephone Lines
  • Provide Treatment To Those In Need Of Urgent Medical Care
  • Treat Presenting Conditions Immediately
  • Arrange For Timely Removal Of Patient To Next Point Of Definitive Care
  • Evacuate Patient To Local Facilities Or To Other Countries For Medical Care
  • Our Services Do Not End At Just Providing Transportation From One Point To The Other.  Our Work Extends To After-Hospital Detention With Constant Patient Visitation
  • Provide Easy Phone-In To Report Emergency And Non-Emergency Cases
  • Provide On-Line Medical Advice
  • Fill Pharmaceutical And Medical Equipment And Supplies Requests
  • Provide Well-Trained and Experienced EMT staff with International Exposure and Excellent Knowledge In Emergency Care
  • Handle Technical Rescue Operations Such as Extrication, Basic Life Support And Advanced Life Support.  Our Ambulances Are Fully Equipped To Transport Critical And Non-Critical Patients (Adult Or Pediatric) In Both Trauma and Other Medical Emergencies.