3M&C THIRD PARTY ADMINISTRATION (TPA) A & C Square, Jungle Road, East Legon, Accra

3M&C Health Systems is a recognized expert in the management of international healthcare insurance plans and International patient care services and has developed a third-party administration service designed for:

  • International businesses and organizations with self-insured plans
  • Expatriates who need medical attention whiles in Ghana
  • Insurance professionals wishing to outsource the management of their plans
  • Local high-net-worth clients whose requirements are not met by the healthcare system.
  • Medical evacuations

The main advantages of our TPA solutions:

  • Efficient management of your international patients healthcare needs
  • A dedicated claims and on call team, available 24/7
  • A  diverse multicultural, multi-lingual team always available to serve
  • Direct pre-certification for all expensive treatment including hospitalization thanks to our broad network of healthcare professionals patients have access through our Third Party Network partnerships.
  • Medical Reports that supports all services provided and quick turnaround time for medical reports.
  • Efficient synergies with assistance companies
  • Medical second opinions by our in-house physicians
  • Widespread direct payments
  • Highly flexible processes based on a high-performance information system and guaranteed data confidentiality
  • Faster and focused claims management
  • Lower overhead cost and reduced cost of claim management
  • Immediate access to highly trained medical professionals
  • Privacy of patient medical information is a priority
  • Protection of brand reputation.
  • Control of possible frauds

Effective Management

We make available a priority contact person to support you throughout the management of your healthcare needs and international healthcare insurance plans.  In order to control the healthcare expenses of your international patients, we provide specific information that itemizes all services provided to your patients for your statistical analysis and reporting tools when required.